Medicare Supplement Plans – Good Companies with Great Options

November 26, 2014 Posted by admin

imagecontentmedicareMedicare Supplement Plans are being purchased by droves of Seniors who are turning 65 and enrolling in Medicare for the first time. This is mostly due to the great financial health of the companies offering these policies, fabulous customer service, and affordable Medicare Supplement Plan prices. While many different companies offer the same exact Medicare supplement plans and benefits, many people appreciate quality and know the strong brand name strong companies. Aetna Medicare supplement plans are highly desirable because Aetna has an “A” rating by A.M. Best, which is a well known rating agency. This is a fine demonstration of financial health and all but ensures Aetna will be providing great service for years to come. Aetna has a strong brand and many seniors have had an Aetna health insurance policy at some point throughout their career and are familiar with the company. In addition, most doctors like working with Aetna as they are a top rated company with great medical provider support. One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a Medicare Supplement Plan is the customer service provided by the insurance company. Aetna Medicare supplement plans have great customer service, which is important because almost all seniors will discover they will have billing issues at some point. As we age it is important to make sure we purchase quality insurance to alleviate stress and eliminate financial burden. Doctors offices often make mistakes and it is important to carry a quality Medicare supplement insurance policy that will pay the bills on time, and with no hassle! Aetna Medicare Supplement plans are offered in many states, and most people find them to be a very affordable option. In addition, while some companies may provide “teaser” rates that increase dramatically after a few years, Aetna’s prices hold steady and only increase slightly to keep up with inflation. This is one of the reasons Aetna has a high customer satisfaction rate and why thousands of seniors are very happy with their decision to purchase an Aetna Medicare Supplement plan.

Medicare Supplement plans are standardized by the Center for Medicare Services. Aetna offers only standardized plans to Seniors over the age of 65. When choosing the best Medicare Supplement Plan, make sure to consider Plan F as it is the most comprehensive and most popular plan available. Seniors who purchase Medicare Supplemental Plan F rarely pay for any medical expenses and have peace of mind knowing they have the best coverage money can buy. Aetna is one of many companies that offer Medicare Supplement plans. It is very important to consult an insurance broker that carriers every company before purchasing a policy as Medicare plans are changing all the time and their expert advice is free. Please do not hesitate to contact a specialist or national insurance broker if you would like to compare all Medicare plans and prices.

Medicare Supplement Plans as a Way to Prepare for Your Retirement

December 20, 2014 Posted by admin

You may be at the peak of your career now, but someday you will reach retirement age. You will have to leave your job and be in a new season of your life as a retiree. When you reach that stage, perhaps you will be tempted to do almost everything you missed out on when you were still busy with your career, like travel to different places and spend more time with your family. Before you do all these things, though, you have to remind yourself about one very important thing – your health care coverage.

It is but natural for retirees to be concerned about health care. You want to be given the best health care coverage that you can possibly get. However, there is a question in the minds of most Americans right now: Will Medicare give me enough coverage?

Now is the time for you to consider the idea of having a backup plan should Medicare fail to cover everything. And there’s no better way of having a back-up plan than having a Medicare supplement plan. No, you are not going to replace Medicare with a Medicare supplement plan. Instead, you will use it as an added security if Medicare won’t be able to cover everything.


Medicare Part B And Its Eligibility

December 20, 2014 Posted by admin

Medicare Part B eligibility is not difficult to figure out – all those who have eligibility for Part A are also entitled to Part B; all you have to do is bear the excess expense by paying a monthly insurance premium. This particular amount could be drawn from your retirement benefits or the Social Security amount you will get.

If you have Part A: All people residing in the USA who’re eligible for Medicare Part A without any premium are also entitled to Part B as well. Then again, Medicare Part B eligibility doesn’t really extend to the people residing in Puerto Rico. You need to understand an essential point here, Medicare coverage under Part B isn’t compulsory. This is usually a voluntary plan, and to receive coverage within this, you have to pay a monthly premium contrary to the Part A coverage that comes free of cost.

For those who do not have Part A: Even persons who don’t have Part A coverage can certainly decide on Medicare Part B as long as they satisfy a few Medicare eligibility requirements. For one, they should be citizens of the United States. Even non-citizens are eligible, provided they have been admitted following all the specified legal requirements and have resided in the US for five years or more. Secondly, people who are aged 65 years and above are eligible for Medicare Part B. Even if you do not have Part A, you can qualify for the Part B by filling out the necessary paperwork and remitting the monthly premium specified by the insurance provider.


New Botox Coding Opens Door to Added Reimbursement

December 19, 2014 Posted by admin

Botulinum Toxin Type A (botox) is being employed more often to treat patients whose pain or spasms have not been helped by other techniques. Until now, however, coding professionals have been stymied because the available codes for botox injections often did not coincide with the site of treatment. Fortunately, CPT 2001 includes a new CPT code for trunk and extremities, 64614 (chemodenervation of muscle[s]; extremity[s] and/or trunk muscle[s] [e.g., for dystonia, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis]) and changes in the wording for 64612 (chemodenervation of muscle[s]; muscle[s] innervated by facial nerve [e.g., for blepharospasm, hemifacial spasm]), which also affected code 64613 ( cervical spinal muscle[s] [e.g., spasmodic torticollis]).

Because botox initially was used mainly by cosmetic surgeons, related CPT codes most accurately described the procedures they performed on patients faces and not those areas treated by physiatrists, such as the extremities. Its been hard to code for botox injections because the closest matching codes didnt necessarily cover what our pain management staff was doing, says Carla Thiboudeux, CPC, a coder with Tejas Anesthesia in San Antonio. This new code will hopefully alleviate any problems and confusion with reimbursement from third-party payers. s.

Many third-party payers, however, have not yet published guidelines for billing 64614. At press time, only Empire Medicare (New Jersey, New York) and First Coast Service Options (Florida) have published lists of accepted diagnosis codes for 64614.


Medicare Signature Rules to Get the Payments

December 17, 2014 Posted by admin

Do you comply with medicare signature rules? If no, you could be risking your payments.

Here’s a scenario: One of our physicians likes to sign everything with just his initials or for that matter sometimes an illegible scrawl. Do we require some type of documentation to support what an auditor might not be able to read? ?

Read on and know the solution to this question:

Yes, you would be wise to keep a signature log as additional documentation.


Power Scooters From Hover Round

December 16, 2014 Posted by admin

hoverround is the best company out there that manufacturers mobility equipment. hoverround wheel chairs are best suited for people who have trouble walking or standing. hoveround designs its wheel chairs such that it provides the most cozy ride. These scooters are usually designed with 3 wheels so that it can easily be turned without taking too much space. Keep in mind that even though these scooters put forth great support they still are designed such that their weight is less compared to other competitive brands so they are easy to use.

hoveround manufactures scooters that are extremely light and also the assembly on them is very quick so you can carry them with you wherever you go. Disembling them and putting them in your car is extremely easy to do. They can also be taken with you on the plane once they are dissembled. If you have successfully dissembled them completely they will weigh just about 20 pounds. This chair will be loved by people who love to travel and are unfortunately not able to do so. Either 3 wheel or 4 wheel hover round scooters are most common.

Outdoor hoveround scooters mostly have 4 wheels while those used indoors mostly have 3 wheels. 3 wheel wheel chairs are used for indoor use because they have small turn radius. Thus these wheel chairs are easy to maneuver inside the house.For outdoor use the 4 wheel models are best suited as they present support and stability. The limit of the 4 wheel models is 15mph because that is the usual walking speed of people. These wheel chairs won’t give you a sore back and you will be extremely comfortable on them even if you use them for extended periods of time.